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At "MIGHTY ANTS" we change the way you LOOK & FEEL. Make that one decision that could change your life. BE FiT - BE TOUGH - BE MiGHTY !

Thank you for showing interest in our fitness product. By reading this you are heading in the right direction. Are you looking to get fit and healthy? Well your off to a good start and have come to the right place. Are you ready to challenge yourself? Are you ready to get out of your usual comfort zone in order to achieve your fitness and health goals that you thought were never possible? No one said it's going to be easy but at Mighty Ants Fitness & Health we are committed to helping you along your journey in a fun and friendly non intimidating environment. Our training methods are enjoyable and unique, always walking away with a smile, having a sense of satisfaction that you are doing something for yourself that will change your life for the better. Had a bad day? Come down we will brighten it.

The hardest stage is getting to exercise. Make that one decision that could change your life forever and once you get here we will gradually ease you into your training at a realistic pace according to your ability. Everyone is at different levels of fitness & at Mighty Ants Fitness & Health we take this into consideration. Some of you might have some doubt if you're fit enough. Well guess what? No one is fit enough when you start training. It's for those who want to become fit. So you're not alone there. We are real people who want to achieve real goals. We create a friendly, safe and welcoming atmosphere where you feel you belong.

Mighty Ants Fitness & Health Bootcamp provides an original and fresh brand of training. With a passion to help people reach their fitness & health goals. We have created a simple, fun and friendly way of getting groups of people of very mixed ability indoors or outdoors exercising. We work as a team and have create a non-competitive environment. At the end of the day the only person you are competing with is yourself to achieve the goals you have always wanted. Helping YOU get the results you have always desired. Helping you look, feel and think great too. Not only will you gain the physical benefits, such as increased fitness, fat loss, muscle tone & looking good. You will also develop a healthy state of mind of discipline & motivation. Sharp bodies lead to sharp minds. Go on & take that challenge.

Mighty Ants Fitness & Health is much more than just a bootcamp, it's more like a youth club for adults. Currently with over 16 classes in 2 locations in the Fairfield region. It's not about ability; it's about having a go. Mighty Ants Bootcamp last for around up to an hour. Beginning with a 5-10 minute warm up building to 50 minutes of main exercising. Always varied and never boring, most of all challenging. Our instructor's will look to help to get the most out of you in a firm and friendly manner, never degrading and always positive.

Our MiGHTY SOLDIERS are an amazing mixed bag, from the fit to the unfit and everyone in between. We treat everyone individually to get the best out of you. The results you want are out of your comfort zone. We will help you to get you out of your comfort zone so we can help you achieve the results you have always wanted. You will lose weight if you have it to lose - you will get fitter - you will get stronger and you may have to buy smaller clothes, but the most important thing is that you will enjoy the process even when the going is tough.

We are much more than an endurance circuit training class. Whether being indoors or outdoors, we also offer weight loss and nutrition, personal training, cardio kick boxing, strength and conditioning for the entire body including your abdominal and core. We help tone up the whole body. You already have the tools, we just show and help you how to use them.

To join us is easy. We know what we do is good so we offer you a 2 free trial so you can then decide if this is really for you, there is no obligation thereafter. Just call or email us to book your 2 free trials. Try and turn up 15 minutes prior to the start time and our instructors will put you at ease and brief you. It's that easy. Turn up, train, enjoy, go home and feel great whilst getting results. Get fit outside feel great inside.